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About The Carpenter's Daughter

From the March 2023 edition of the Good Neighbors publication of the East Troy Historical Society

   The East Troy Village Square welcomed its newest addition in January and owner Kim Price says her faith-based brick and mortar is an ideal fit for the area.

   Price opened her new shop, The Carpenter's Daughter, 2893 Main St., Unit A, on the south side of the square, joining a diverse lineup of shops and services at East Troy's center.

   Price talks merchandise, building community and her work to make a difference.

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Photo by Vanessa Lenz

Q: What is your East Troy connection?

   I have been living in East Troy for 26 years. I grew up in Waukesha but moved out here for my husband (Fred Price of Price Masonry) and I just love this town. I love everything about it!

Q: How did the idea for The Carpenter's Daughter come about?

   I am a Christian and my faith is super important to me and I feel like in the past few years, this community has just really had a tough time. We've had COVID. We've had so many people related to people in the Waukesha parade tragedy and so many others dealing with awful things.

   I grew up in a very dysfunctional family and I really had to rely on my faith to get me through it. I really wanted to create a place to pour into people. Like what do you need? Do you need somebody to pray about a circumstance you're going through or do you need a friend or is there something that I could help you with as somebody in the community?

   I just wanted that to be what this place was all about.

Q: Is that why you created a prayer box for the store?

   I love to offer our prayer box to people to stop and fill out a prayer request. I don't need to know your personal life, but if you have an unspoken something that you're struggling with, please share it with the box.

   I have eight prayer warriors here who I'm going to be praying with every month.

Q: You are known for making custom crafts. How will you incorporate that into the store?

   I've been selling crafts for many years and every Christmas I turn into Buddy the Elf. I now offer my custom craft design services in the store.

   I pretty much can make anything that you show me a picture of.

Q: You plan to hold regular events. What can we look forward to?

   The Carpenter's Daughter will be hosting Ladies Monthly Craft Night, Bible study gathering, Date Night for parents, along with kid craft nights, and more.

   I wanted this to be a space where every month we could have a bunch of women come in here and just drop everything that's going on at home and take a couple hours and do something fun.

   I served in my church in women's ministries and I still have a passion for women's hearts. Craft Night will held on the second Tuesday of every month at 6pm. Sign up in the store.

Q: The space looks beautiful! Can you talk about your vision when creating it?

   I wanted it to be kind of rustic and I drew everything I wanted out on a piece of paper and handed it to my husband. He looked at me like I had three eyeballs, but did a wonderful job bringing my vision to life.

   I just wanted it to be cozy like an extension of the living room. I want people to come in, have a cup of coffee and talk with me.

Q: What items can I shop for?

   The store will feature home, gifts, clothing, and seasonal items. Everything is faith based and inventory is updated frequently. Everything I have in here is natural. I also feature local consigners, including Bisbee's Pottery, Daniela Dawson Jewelry and One Stone Farm.

   I have lots of journals, books, candles, a little nuggets section with items like binkies and onesies and lots of stuffies. It's the perfect spot for a gift-First Communion or Baptism or any occasion. I have access to so many amazing distributors so if you're looking for something I don't have, let's talk!

Q: Was a store like this needed in the area?

   100 percent yes. I am the only faith-based store in the area with the closest ones near Mayfair or Janesville/Madison. I've loved seeing people's reactions to the store and visiting with them.

   I just love people and sharing my faith with them and I can't wait to do it every day.

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